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Trash Pals is a rules-light, light-hearted tabletop RPG where players work together as a group of animal friends looking for the best trash haul of their lives!

Play as a raccoon, an opossum, a stray cat or an urban fox as you sniff out only the best half-empty takeout containers and cheese wrappers that humans can throw away, and work together to mitigate barriers between you and your ultimate haul. You only have one night... and don't get caught!

Trash Pals can be played with groups of 2+ (1 player and 1 GM). It can also be played without a GM with players taking turns narrating scenes for a more collaborative experience.

Trash Pals uses the Caltrop Core system by Titanomachy.  All you need to play are these rules, a piece of paper and writing utensil, and some four sided dice!

More Pals are now included! This extra supplement adds four new animals to choose from: skunk, lost chihuahua, rat, or pigeon!


Trash Pals in the Wild:

Listen to Two Weeks One Shot play Trash Pals!

2 Trash 2 Furry-ous Part 1 : Podbean - Apple - Spotify - YouTube

2 Trash 2 Furry-ous Final : Podbean - Apple - Spotify - YouTube


Read the review and listen to Fox and Friends play Trash Pals!

"There is not enough stars for me to give this game in rating." - Read the review at Dungeon Fox Chronicles

Listen to their playthrough on YouTube



Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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I haven't had a chance to look at this game properly yet, but...

You should add skunks.

I'm not biased.

EDIT: You added skunks :D I'm just a dummy!

Haha! Yes skunks had to get in there eventually :D Thanks for checking out the game!

It's definitely on my list of games to try as soon as I can!

How many players is this game?

Hey there! Trash Pals can be played with groups of 2+ (1 player and 1 GM). It can also be played without a GM if you prefer, with players taking turns narrating scenes for a more collaborative experience! Hope that helps :)


idea + aesthetics are great!

now I want to live like every day is trash day 

[insert here what the fox says]


Thank you for the lovely comment! Hope you enjoy!

Brilliant game!

Thank you so much!

Absolutely AMAZING


Thank you so much!! May you find all the best trash!